Real Estate Professionals!

Are you tired of having your listings as slide shows with music or videos that only show up on your site?

I offer more. Videos that can be silent, voiced over, interactive with the agent either on or off camera...

I place your video on You Tube, where you can link to it, download and host it or whaterver you need. Adding a link to your site is relatively simple.. See the samples below.

Affordable !

Any home within 5 miles of New Bern Mall  a combination of stills and video for $45.00.

Commercial Properties stills and video:

Less than 2,000 square feet, $45.00

Over 2,000 square feet, add $5.00 per 1,000 square feet or portion thereof.


Voice Over makes the difference  Click here for a sample

Another Sample? Click here !

I normally shoot and edit to make each video a true tour of the property, much as you would see if you were there and looking around. Shorter? No problem. YOU are in charge and I will happily work with you to make each showing the way you want it.

Still images. I know there are times you just cannot get a bright picture, special angle or simply need equipment you don't have. Call me ! Happy to assist!