Special services:

I scan and digitize oversize negatives and slides. Up to 4 x 6, $2.00 ea. Images are placed on cd or dvd for your convenience.

35 mm 75 cents each

There is a minimum charge of $10.00 for these services


Fire, flood, wind or simple deterioration can destroy pictures and documents that cannot be replaced. They can also destroy your home and furnishings.

Insurance cannot replace those memories. I can help. I can scan documents , photographs and photograph your furnishings. I will place them on cd media in a format that is easy to read by many programs  so that you will have saved your memories and proven what  and the condition of what you had for your insurance company.

Call NOW...we never know when disaster may strike...and when those memories are gone, they are gone. Ruined images are lost and you cannot get them back!

Services start at $100.00 for a basic survey, scanning up to 20 documents and up to 30 images of your home and belongings. Additional services are available, including Video Memories.