The stories you have heard at family gatherings, or just sitting around the Kitchen Table...and then...the story teller isn't there...and the story is lost.

Professional, HI DEF video of the person telling the story or stories, showing the passion or the laugh, showing items that relate to the story can help preserve family memories and anecdotes.

I provide just such a service.  I come to your house, relatives house or even eatery or reunion and video the story or stories, edit the raw footage into a viewable item with extras like images of what they are talking about, supplied by you or, in some cases, located by me.

The investment in your past? Fees start at $50.00 and seldom go over $100.00. there is a $50.00 minimum charge and the rate is $35.00 per hour or portion thereof.

This includes a standard DVD. All shooting is done in High DEF and Blue Ray is available. Duplicate DVD's are $15.00 so all members of the family can share.

Contact me for more details.  or call 252-229-1390.