Making your memories the best they can be...What YOU can do to make the images better.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, always know where the sun will be at the time of the wedding and the reception.  The sun should be behind the photographer and above his head. Fewer shadows and the subjects will be better lit.

If you use a canopy, remember the color of the canopy affects the color of the light. It may also reflect the color of the surface.

Indoor locations are affected by stained glass windows, curtains and the color of the carpet and seats. These can usually be compensated for, but, keep these things in mind when choosing the colors for the wedding party.

There is no rush. You do not have to run down the aisle, dash to the spot or make the kiss so short no one can see it. Enjoy the day and the time. Your pictures will be better if you look relaxed and not rushed. This is a time to celebrate and show love and caring. Everyone, including me, wants the day to be full of good memories.

Above ALL...let there be light ! The enemy at a reception or wedding is too little light. While my cameras can shoot in fairly little light, the best results are acheived when there is adequate lighting.

Plan ahead...ask me about where and when we can get the posed shots and feel free to ask for a special time.

My goal is to produce a great set of memories. I will try for shots that are spontaneous and fun, as well as the so called normal shots...I will shoot when conditions are not great to get a memory that only comes once. A little planning and thinking before the big day can make your memories even better!

About HD

There has been a lot of talk about HD. The still images I provide are much higher in quality than the best HD available. This is because HD quality video is only meant to be shown on a Television...and even the best HD television screens can only show images at about 1/3 the resolution of my still images.

My Video Cameras  are HD, at a level higher than most HD Televisions.

Bottom Line: I provide quality images and good service for    Y O U !